Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beast makes me feel like James Bond

The Nerd Birds have just discovered Montreal-based band, Beast, and we are OBSESSED. Beast makes some of the most bad-ass and cinematic music we have heard in years. Beast is also very hard to describe. Beast sounds like Massive Attack meets Amy Winehouse + the best of James bond theme music. Oh yeah, and then there are the gospel influences...

Listening to Beast's self-titled debut makes me feel like an international man of mystery. When I pop this record in on the way to the grocery store, I feel like the journey is fraught with car chases, shoot-outs, and short-lived trysts with European babes. Then I buy eggs and cheese. A man can dream, right?

"Microcyte" marries a cinematic piano line with Betty Bonifassi's driving vocals and a jewel-heist worthy track. "Satan" makes you want to hug a whiskey bottle and kiss your friends goodbye before your heist turns south.

The new Beast record is so cinematic, it prompted us at Nerd Bird HQ to start writing a Beast and Guy Ritchie inspired crime-caper screenplay. That's how nerdy we are, and how incredible Beast is.

The Nerd Bird gives Beast's self-titled debut 4 out of 5 tweets.

Beast - "Out Of Control" live in Toronto:

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  1. that is bad ass... i think i am going to have to find more beast. thank you for giving me a taste